I’m a bit reluctant to admit, but I recently joined twitter. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact I’ve shitted on it in the past. Why did I make the plunge?

Well, thank you for asking.

You see, I never intended on doing so until my job had asked me to peek into the twitter API and run some tests. I needed to create an account to do so. I didn’t think much of it; I was just gonna run my tests and delete my account. But then I figured “I found such an awesome screen name (javascr1pt), I can’t put it to waste!”. [Edit, I updated it to _qwertypants cause I felt like it.]So, my ass is now on twitter. I refuse to put anything too personal like when I dropped a deuce or how amazing I can make a sandwich (which, by the way, I can). What I will do is throw magical sprinkles of programming knowledge down your gullet for you to consume.

Follow my nonsense here: http://twitter.com/_qwertypants