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Can you unplug forever?

The other day I was thinking (which is normally dangerous) about the Internet and how dependent we are on it. Then  I thought “could I ever unplug from the Internet, forever?”.

Now I don’t mean literally unplugging, I mean figuratively (if you haven’t figured that out yet).

I’m talking about no Facebook/Twitter/Google +/<insert social media here>. No email either. Nothing that connects you, the human, to the entity we call the Internet.

In my scenario, you can still use the Internet for searching and browsing. You can have a phone and make phone calls.  I’m talking about your online identity.

Is it possible? Can someone this day in age survive without their precious online-egos?

Want a new job? Sure, email them your resume first. Oh, wait – no email.

Hmmm. How about shopping online? Can’t do that, it would require a personal account tied to an email address.

It then occurred to me. You can’t really function in today’s world without being connected in some way to… THE CLOUD.

It’s a bit creepy to think about that. Imagine yourself today, completely disconnecting entirely from any online association. Can you function properly in our society?

Sure, you say “the Internet wasn’t always there, we did get by without it.” And you’d be right. Which is why I’m specifically talking about today.

You might also say “there are people across the world without access to clean water, let alone the Internet”. No shit. I’m talking about you, the one reading this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure if I could. Unless of course I was planning to live an Amish lifestyle somewhere in middle America, which in that case I’d just rather run into traffic.


You are good enough

continous improvementKaizen. It’s a word that  I learned a long time ago. One that I have tried to apply every single day.

“Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”, refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management” – Wikipedia

With regard to programming, continuous improvement is the name of the game. There are tons of libraries coming out that for me, can get a bit overwhelming. It can sometimes feel that if you don’t know about X library/framework, you will fall off into the blackest hole of the universe and have “everyone” ahead of you. It’s especially painful when you are doing your best and some eight year old is developing software you only wish you could.

It’s ok, you are good enough and will only get better (if you want to).

If you do any form of programming development, kudos to you. This field is not easy. There are some incredible minds out there that continue to blow my mind with what they put out. This does not dissuade me from crafting my art, it only inspires the limitless opportunities of what is possible – what I can make possible.

We are all students. There is always an opportunity for to learn something new and/or strengthen our current abilities. For me, having the student mentality keeps me on my toes and allows me to be humble. Sure, there are “experts” out there that everyone respects. They’re “internet famous”, have tons of followers and are considered the top in their field. I have much respect for their accomplishments. That being said, they were once also considered a “novice”.

We all start out sucking (literally). Then we get better. Then some of us are satisfied just to get a paycheck.

Then there are those who want to improve, no matter what level they are in their field.

That’s where I am, and that’s where I think all developers should be. Keep your mind fresh and your head high. The world is at your fingertips.

jQuery mobile

This is the best news I’ve heard today:

jQuery Deconstructed

colleague of mine showed me this amazing site. It’s probably the best documentation that I’ve ever seen in my entire career. Check it:

Learning jQuery: resources

There are millions of articles, blogs, and slides on the Internet that can show you how to learn jQuery. If you don’t feel like forking out real dollar signs for a book, check out the list below for FREE resources that can get you started now:

There are TONS of resources, these are just a few of my favs. Which is the best one? That’s up to you. For an even more extensive list, check out:

There are some JavaScript libraries that use the $ (like Mootools). What if you want to use both libraries but don’t want the drama of getting your dollar signs muddle up? Sure you can use noConflict, but that’s no fun, right?

Use this pattern and you’ll be fine:


By using the reserved word jQuery (which substitues for $), and passing the $ in the main parenthesis, any code within the current block will use the $ symbol as part of jQuery and not any other library. A thing of beauty.

UPDATE: I just learned something new…

For a more efficiant way of keeping the scope chain, you can alternatively use the following:


The difference here is that instead of starting the jQuery scope on the first line, you can pass it as an argument to itself. This keeps things a bit more tidy.


I’d like to clear something up. The previous method (above) is a self invoking method, it isn’t part of jQuery, nor is it an actual a ready method. It get’s called immediately, but not necessarily when the DOM is ready. Technically, the appropriate thing to do is this:


This way you can take advantage of jQuery ready() method AND keep your $ within scope. Awesome? Yes, it is.