I recently purchased (yes, I actually paid for it) a group of ebooks from extraordinary devs Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs (creator of script.aculo.us). These books come jam packed with JavaScript goodness. It’s written very well, even for those who hate reading. The authors make learning about JavaScript entertaining as well as informative.

This isn’t a book to learn JavaScript; it’s about JS performance and how you can get the most out of your code. Let’s face it, JavaScript is becoming more and more popular everyday. It’s everywhere. It’s on this site, it’s in your email client, it’s probably in your toaster. If you think you are a pretty decent JavaScript developer, you are probably wrong; there is always room for improvement (always).

Not only do you get four (yes, 1,2,3,4) action packed ebooks with priceless content, you also get the infamous DOM MONSTER! (muhahahahahha!!!). It’s a DOM inspector tool that you can add as a bookmarklet and call to any page. It works on all major browsers and provides extremely helpful hints on your mark up. Sure, I can post it here, but that’s just not cool. Get your own copy! It’s $39.99, don’t be a cheapo.

Finally, the best part about this awesome package is the goodies! What JS book would be complete without code examples? Your copy will come with a goodies folder that has everything you need to kick ass (figuratively).

I haven’t gone through all of the material yet, but from what I have so far, it’s pretty damn epic. There are jokes, code examples, and pretty pictures – what more can a lazy reader ask for?! They have seriously made learning fun again. I highly recommend you pick up a copy at javascriptrocks.com.

Do it, or a kitten will die. It’s true.